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President, Gabriella Scavella-Bell

Vice President, Membership, Phyllis Lebrect

Conference Registration, Lisa Neve

Conference Exhibits, Gabriella Scavella-Bell

Webmaster, Laura Emerson


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  1. Gaynal Prather says:

    I’m looking for an organization that will teach me how to teach reading to either adults or children. I’ve tried OCPL system but they seem far too structured.

    • Hello,
      The Orange County Reading Association is an organization of professionals who are dedicated to teaching reading! We are a local affiliation of both the California, and International Reading Associations. You will find some resources on our website, but even more on the others I’ve listed below. In particular the International Reading Association has free resources and research on best practices for teaching reading, and a large library of professional books that can be purchased. Members of the association have deeper access to the site, and can get materials at a discounted rate. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Executive Council, we meet monthly in the city of Orange during the traditional school year. We host two conferences per year also. Thanks for reaching out to us. I hope we can support your endeavors! Let me know if you have any questions I can answer.
      Laura Emerson
      Webmaster, OCRA

      Check out

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