OCRA’s 50th Annual Spring Conference

Join us for an afternoon high tea featuring Alexis O’Neill! Dr. O’Neill’s presentation, “The Writer’s Edge: Research, Revision, and the Common Core” is timely and will inspire educators, administrators, support staff and community!

Alexis will speak about what elements make today’s narrative nonfiction, informational texts and historical fiction pop for teachers, librarians and kids. She will share research strategies, revision choices and, ultimately, design choices that make a difference and show how they apply to classroom assignments.

Come and join us for our 50th anniversary celebration, refreshments, door prizes and free parking! Click link below to access flier with detailed information about our keynote speaker, location and registration.


OCRA’s 50th Annual Spring Conference Flier

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Photos from our 50th Annual Fall Conference

President Yvette Ortiz, Erica Bowers, Joan Macon and Ann Jones

President Yvette Ortiz, Erica Bowers, Joan Macon and Ann Jones


Fall  Conference

Door prizes, registration, attendees.

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Win Books for Your School!

image of The California Young Reader Medal






OCRA sponsors a contest in connection with the California Young Reader Medal program. In the program, specific books are read and the favorites are voted for. To learn about the program, go to http://californiayoungreadermedal.org/. It will explain how the program works, have lists of the current nominees, and copies of the ballot.

To participate in the OCRA contest, begin by planning to read the books in your grade level to your students. You can get the books at the local public library if your school library does not have them or if you are not able to get copies from donations or other sources.

After you have voted for your choices, send a copy of your ballot to:

Joan Macon, OCRA drawing
1581 West Pacific Place
Anaheim, CA 92802

After the April 1 deadline, a drawing will be held by OCRA and the winning ballot copy will receive a FREE set of books for the next year’s contest.

The CYRM program was established to offer students a chance to read (or hear read to them) good contemporary children’s fiction. Why not give the program a try and maybe win some books at the same time?

Joan Macon

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